PSumo Programmable Sumo Robots with LEGO MINDSTORMS

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This is something we came up with to take to events, like Brickworld, BrickFair, or iHobby.

The Game

The object is to program a robot to push the other robot off the circle.  This type of competition is called Sumo, and is very common in the world of robotics.

After playing around with it at BrickFair, I quickly realized there are two ways to play this game.  First, it will work very well as a teaching tool.  It's a fun way to learn a little about programming.  It also requires some strategy, and several of the options have something of a "rock-paper-scissors" effect.

Second, the game works very well at a show/expo where kids can come up and program the robots for a single battle.  We had a two-year-old pick out his own cards (based on the pretty pictures) and program his robot to ultimately defeat his opponent.

The Robots

This project is designed to allow people (or the public) to "program" sumo robots, then battle them against other robots.  The first version has four matching robots. 

I plan to rebuild the robots to use only parts from the Educational NXT kit.  (along with the RFID sensors)

The Programs

Robots are programmed using RFID cards.  There are about twenty cards to choose from, and each card sets some aspect of the program.  There are slightly different versions of the game based on the target audience.

Beta Testing

I found someone to test them out...

Beta Testing

And another tester explains exactly what cards he's selected.

Playing at Brickfair

I took this to Brickfair in DC.  Holly was there from Fox 5. This Clip  has a quick demo live from the show.  It's near the end of the 4 minute clip.


is one of the big wigs at LEGO, and a very nice guy.  Here he is at Brickfair testing out his program against a formidable opponent.

They both have their cards laid out, and have just started the robots.


We've not yet figured out how to explain this in the quickest possible way.  Still working on that.

Other Documentation

I already have documentation including an LDD file for the robot, and .doc files for printing stickers for the RFID cards.  Those will be available, sometime. 

Robo Rally

Several people have pointed out how this is "just like their favorite game, RoboRally".  I totally agree.  I hope to make a version that's even more like RoboRally.

Sensors, Cards & Software

I have a package available that includes 2 RFID sensors, 20 cards, and all required software & building instructions.

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More Information 

 If you're interested in more information, please contact me at "Steve at"

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