PSumo Programmable Sumo Robots with LEGO MINDSTORMS

Brought to you by Team Hassenplug

The complete RFID package includes:

  • 2 RFID sensors (one for each robot)
  • 20 RFID cards 
  • PSumo Software CD
The CD and download file includes:
  • Robot building instructions
  • PSumo program for the robot in NXT-G
  • A compiled version of the PSumo program
  • Sample configuration files
  • A program for the robot that allows you to create configuration files
  • A PC program that allows you to create & edit configuration files
  • RFID card graphics that can be printed on to labels
  • Info about the correct label type
  • Documents that explain how to use all this stuff.

One of the configuration files contains all the info to associate RFID cards with robot functions.  That file must be created from the cards you plan to use.  All of that is explained in the documentation.
If you wish to pay with Paypal, I will give you a link where you can download the software.
Payments can be made through Paypal. 
Package Type

I will contact you via e-mail once I receive your payment to provied a link for downloading (not done automaticly), or to confirm the shipping address.