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The Screen Savers

The show

We've been invited out a couple times to appear on G4TechTV's "The Screen Savers".  The first time was to show off my two-wheeled balancing robot, Legway .

The second time, was to show off a pair of robots that could play Hasbro's Connect-Four.  Check out the web page for Full Contact and Stick .

The robots are pretty tough to beat, but that didn't stop everyone from trying.  As soon as I had the robots set-up, the show's staff started playing.  I believe the robots were 16 and zero before one of the camera guys (after several attempts, and one shouting match) finally won a game!  (the shouting match was between the camera man and the robot, and I think the robot won that, also)

Once the show started, we took a few minutes to talk about the robots, and how they work.  Then, people from the audience were invited up to play, during the rest of the show.

Things were going well, with the robots winning the first nine or ten games.  Then, came the horrible moment.  Ok, it really wasn't that bad.  One of the producers of the show played against Stick, which, at the time, was a little more than two weeks old.

Well, needless to say, all the mechanical bugs weren't worked out.  Stick went to drop a chip in a column to block it's opponent.  However, it wasn't quite aligned, so the chip didn't fall.  When the arm pulled back, the chip fell into the next column.  So, the robot ended up losing that game, and our friend was very loud about the result.  :)

Later in the show, one audience member did end up beating one of the robots.  I think the final record for the show was about 13-2 for the robots, or about 29-3 for the day (counting the staff).

Since the show, I have fixed the problem with Stick, so now it doesn't have problems dropping chips, anymore.  And, I can easily connect the two robots together, and let them play against each other.  The winner is always the robot that goes first.



As a side note, after the show was taped (on June 4th) the previous world record build time for the Imperial Star Destroyer, LEGO's largest set, was broken.  The new record for 10 builders is 1:02.

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