Gen Con

Super Robo Rally
We're trying to figure out the best way to record our Super Robo Rally adventures. I'm working on getting pictures and video posted. Right now, you can see stuff on my blog:
or on Facebook:
Super Robo Rally at Brickworld Ft Wayne 2012
From Wall-E's Point of view

In the video, when you see Wall-E's hands moving, that's when he's playing his own cards. Other times, when the robot move, it is either conveyor belt movement, or being pushed by other robots.

This video shows how big Super Robo Rally is, with Monster Chess in the background. We can see robots pushing each other back and forth during their move sequence. (the red robot is shot-to-death in the middle of the sequence, and needs to be removed from the board)
Game sequence:
Phase 1: Alpha Rex moves 3
Android moves 3
R2D2 moves 1
Zoom bot (red) moves 1
Spinbot moves 1
Hulk x90 turns left
Twonky turns right
Twitch turns right
Board Effects: R2D2 & Twonky move then turn
not shown: Zoom bot is shot to death and SHOULD be removed from the board

Phase 2: Alpha Rex moves 2
Hulk moves 2
R2D2 moves 1
Twonky moves 1
Android moves backwards 1
(Zoom bot is removed, and Alpha Rex repositioned)
Spinbot turns right
R2D2 is moved 2 squares on the express conveyor belts
or search You Tube for Super Robo Rally