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This is the latest project I'm working on.  The details are still fuzzy, but it's a unique build done in cooperation with a couple of the best known LEGO builders in the country, Kevin Clague and Eric Sophie.

It started as the The Clague - Sophie Project, but I couldn't let those two have all the fun, so I butted my way in, and it became The Clague - Sophie - Hassenplug Combine

We decided to build a scorpion.  Kevin suggested SSCorpion (Steve, Sophie, Clague: scorpion) and Eric expanded that to SSCLagorpion.  I'm just glad they didn't decide to call me a peon, and call it the SCorPeon.


Here's some reference material:


Timeline & notes:

April 12, 2004  The project begins
... other stuff happens...
August 13, 2004, SSClagorpion makes its debut at Brickfest (we hope)
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