a LEGO MindStorms NXT Robot

This NXT controlled truck was built to enter a remote control Rock Crawling event ran by the Lafayette LEGO Robotics Club (LafLRC )

This event is also scheduled to take place at BrickWorld in Chicago in June of 2007

My truck is designed to be pretty slow (geared down 5:1)

The huge wheels came from the 4x4 Off Roader (set # 8466 from 2001), and they were also in the Power Puller (Set 8457 in 2000)
If you can't find the big wheels like I used, another way to create big wheels is to put two "motor cycle" wheels together, and put an old-style tank tread around them, like John was testing out here (above).

With the large wheels, the truck is easily able to drive across "scree" (piles of LEGO bricks)

It doesn't have any suspension, but the frame will twist quite a bit, to keep the wheels on the ground. 


It's only two wheel drive, and only the front wheels have steering, but it still has very good control. One thing that gives it control is the ability to power each rear wheel independently. This allows a combination of rack-and-pinion steering for the front, and skid-steer for the rear wheels.

It's pretty solid, even if it rolls over, but the next step will be to build a roll-cage for the front motor.

This is the remote I created a while ago.  It has two "speed" paddles, and one steering wheel.  The paddles each control one of the two motors that drive the rear wheels

At our first test, the course was made from things that were around the house. Cushions, tables, boxes...  There's a bunch of pictures HERE

Here are several videos of my truck driving around the course:

Video 1Video 2Video 3,Video 4  and I also posted some info about the truck on NXTlog, and there are a few more pictures Here

Like-a-Rock - The Hauler

The next thing I needed to do was build a hauler for the truck.  Luckily, I have the 8285 Tow Truck, and the alternate model is perfect to customize, and add an NXT.

I wasn't the first to do it.  My friend Martyn already did it. (right)

(not my hauler)

After putting the NXT and two motors in the cab, modified the trailer so I could fit my Rock Crawling truck onto it.  That way the truck can be towed to the events.

The remote was modified, so there's a button to switch between controlling the truck, and controlling the truck...  I mean hauler.

The NXT & motors fit nicely inside the hauler, but some major work had to be done to connect them to the drive and steering.

The hauler even has a pair of light sensors, mounted to move with the front wheels.

More pictures

I have a few video clips of loading and unloading the truck from the back of the hauler...

Unload Truck 1, Unload Truck 2, Unload Truck Close, Load Truck, Rig Only, Oops1, Oops2


My friend John has made a few cool trucks...

He's using a PSP controller, and a sensor board from

I haven't had a chance to see his latest creation in person, but the pictures look pretty good, don't you think?
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