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ICON is a piece of software I've developed over the last couple years, which allows users to program an NXT, without a PC.  Programs are created using the NXT buttons, and connected motors.  Robot movement can be recorded by simply moving the robot, and pressing ENTER (the orange button), and then edited, to fine-tune movement.

Programs can test sensors and wait or branch based on sensor results.

While ICON itself is rather large, the programs it creates are very small text files.  The text files can easily be transfered to a PC and manually edited.  (my unrefined editor is currently not posted)

Most all ICON commands line up directly with NXT-G commands, making it very easy to create and refine a program in ICON, and then convert it to an NXT-G program.


That's the end of the current documentation for ICON.  sorry about that.


Download ICON here

ICON.rxe & all three .ric files are required on an NXT.  Other files may need to be deleted so there is enough space, but they may be downloaded once ICON is installed.

 The six enclosed ICONProgram files demonstrate some of the functions provided in ICON.

View ICON Quick Start Guide

Incomplete function list:

Exit. - Program command to exit.

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